The Tumblr Pokemon League
Trainer Submission: Artist Jesus

Name: Jesus

Trainer Class: Artist

Specialization: Gimmicks


Battle Theme: RSE Trick House

Region: Johto

Hometown: Ecruteak City

Friend Code: 5329-6909-1668


Blog: Miscellaneous

Availabilities: DS Battle (Gen 5) || DS Trade (Gen 4 + 5)

Misc: In game name: Josie. Relies mostly on situational gimmicks. Beat me and get a baby Jolly Smeargle!

Trainer Submission: Gym Leader Makayla

Name: Makayla

Trainer Class: Gym Leader

Specialization: Dark-Type


Gen 4 -

Gen 5 -

Battle Eyecatch

Battle Theme: Mess - Anamanaguchi

Region: Johto

Hometown: Cherrygrove City

ID: Gen.4 - 46521 || Gen.5 - 64140

Friend Code: Gen.4: 1764-9417-8273 || Gen.5: 4298-3172-1465

PO ID: Makayla

Blog: Personal |Creative

Availabilities: DS Battle || PO Battle || RP

Games: D/P/Pt/HG/SS || B/W

Badge/Reward: Lurid Badge 


Standing on the shores of Cherrygrove is lone woman. The breeze appears to still in the space around her. An unnatural shadow hangs in the air around her as she hums to herself, a tune that fades inexplicably around the edges and warps around itself. She turns;  light is snuffed out like sodden wick. A quickly flashed grin and the shadows seize upon the ground. A soft chuckle melts into laughter.

You can also fight me on Pokemon Battle Revolution. FC: 5197-9481-7970

 - If you would like to fight my rounded competitive team for either game, just ask!

If you can beat me, I’ll give you a sketch along with a Hatched Pokemon and Item of your choice.

Trainer Submission: Speed Leader Liam

Name: Liam

Trainer Class: Gym Leader

Specialization: Speed


Battle Eyecatch: Zooms on his wheels, then his face

Battle Theme: Come At Me Bro! Gym Leader Showdown! MFGreth’s Pokemon Album

Region: Johto

Hometown: Goldenrod

Friend Code: n/a

Blog: Personal , RP

Availabilities: Pokemon Online, RP on Skype or Blog

Badge/Reward: The Speed Badge, design is a minimalistic tire with a speed flare. Shapewise, think an inverted Hidden Leaf symbol.

Misc: Battles are fought in motion. We will be simultaneously fighting, and racing around the track in my gym. Think Yugioh 5Ds, or the Lightning Chariot battle from Kid Icarus Uprising.

Could someone explain how the hell you use Pokémon online? Neither the site nor the application seems to come with any instructions. The team builder is deceptively complicated and I can't even figure out if I have a trainer ID or account or anything. :(

This page explains the basics, as written by PO. 

Here is additional fansite information.

These links may not clarify everything, however. I personally have not used PO before, though I will check it out this weekend and report back what I can.

I also invite PO users to submit helpful information if they can answer this question!

Trainer Submission: Gym Leader Baku

Name: Baku

Trainer Class: Gym Leader

Specialization: Ghost Type


Battle Eyecatch: Going with the older gen theme, I have none to offer.

Battle Theme: The Center Of Your Universe

Region: Kanto

Hometown: Lavender Town

Friend Code: 0218 7389 7836


Blog: Personal

Availabilities: DS Battle || PO Battle || RP

Games: D/P/Pt/HG/SS || B/W

Badge/Reward: Spirit Badge

Misc: I’m hoping that soon, I’ll be in possession of a 3DS so that I can battle some of you guys! I would love for that, seeing as I need my Pokemon fix now. I’ve never been involved in any Pokemon RPing before, but I’m eager to jump in and would be happy to RP with anyone who wanted to! I have Skype, MSN, Yahoo, and AIM to use, so feel free to contact me about any of those!

If we want to submit as a gym leader, is it okay if our team isn't completely of our type (IE: one or two being outside of the monotype range for variety) or would you prefer the whole team being monotype?

I don’t see an issue with that—for the most part. 

If you look at Clair, Johto’s dragon-type gym leader, her fighting dojo team contains four dragon types, then gyarados and charizard. However, while they aren’t dragons, they still fit her theme.

If you’re going to be a gym leader that specializes in a single type but would like to include other pokemon like that, I’d suggest keeping your overall theme in mind. They at least ought to know moves from your type specialty.

Try to include only 1 of these type deviations if your team is any less than 6 pokemon. If you’re running a 6 pokemon team, you may bump it up to 2, but be careful. If you’re a fire gym leader, don’t use those 2 slots for electivires.

Just be smart about it, and it shouldn’t be an issue.

Hey, so is there going to be like an official start to this or should I just start reaching out to people who've already been approved?

By all means, start!

Since this is week one, the kinks are still being ironed out. But that shouldn’t deter you from striking up battles/communication with other trainers.

Go for it!

MFGreth - Opening (Yellow) / Pokemon Is A World of Adventure!
189 plays


Hi! So mercerism’s really awesome Tumblr Pokemon League has totally kicked off and so I had to do my part, naturally. This means music!

I cooked up 12 remixes/re-orchestrations/re-whatevers of songs from the first generation of Pokemon games, aka, Kanto!

Up top is the first track to it, and there’s plenty more!

To listen to the whole thing, or download it, head to this pretty little page right here.

If you be wanting, here’s the tracklist!

  • Opening (Yellow) / Pokémon Is A World of Adventure!
  • Wild Pokémon Encounter!
  • Trainer Battle! A Fight is Go!
  • T-that’s V-v-viridian Forest!?
  • Come At Me Bro! Gym Leader Showdown!
  • Team Rocket!? Alright, Now It’s Serious! (aka Trainer Battle v2)
  • Oh My Arceus This Bike Is AWESOME!
  • Pokémon Tower (Your Pokémon Died, Good Job)
  • Indigo Plateau - You’re In for the Fight of Your Life
  • Vs. Blue - Champion Bout!
  • The Resolve! I Will Be A Pokémon Master!

And here’s the album art!

And here’s me as a totally cool gym leader!

Will I make more of these? Probably!

I hope you enjoy :D

Trainer Submission: Bug Catcher Frances

Name: Frances

Trainer Class: Bug Catcher

Specialization: Bug Type


Battle Eyecatch

Region: Unova

Hometown: Mistralton City

Friend Code: I’ll have to find my DS


Blog: personal

Availabilities: DS Battle || PO Battle || RP 

Games: D/P/Pt/HG/SS || B/W

Badge/Reward: Great Ball 

Trainer Submission: Trainer Justin

Name: Justin

Trainer Class: Trainer

Specialization: Casual


Battle Eyecatch: N/A

Battle Theme: Reptile

Region: Unova

Hometown: Accumula Town

Friend Code: 5243-1336-1710


Blog: ifreakinglovebirds

Availabilities: DS Battle || PO Battle || RP

Games: D/P/Pt/HG/SS || B/W

Badge/Reward 2400