The Tumblr Pokemon League
Trainer Submission: Gym Leader Greth

Name: Greth

Trainer Class: Gym Leader

Specialization: Electric-Type


Battle Eyecatch

Battle Theme: Vs! Blue - Champion Bout (Remix by Me [MFGreth])

Region: Kanto

Hometown: Vermillion City

Friend Code: (ask me)

PO ID: (ask me)


Availabilities: DS Battle || PO Battle || RP

Games: D/P/Pt/HG/SS || B/W

Badge/Reward: Thunder Badge 

Misc: I don’t roleplay on tumblr, so if you want to roleplay, contact me at my blog so we can get an IM client swap.

I’m also going to need a bit of time to set up stuff on my SoulSilver and PO :)

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